The menu

From product essence to enjoy all its flavors


Red shrimp "Carabinero", it’s essence, pickled cabbage, chipotle chile, peas & citric foam    €6,80

Scallops & Iberian Pork belly confit, oyster sauce & salt ham     €5,90

Octopus, celery, coriander & crisp ink     €6,50

Duck ravioli, foie cream & orange confit     €6,20

Croquettes “etapes”, 3 u.     €4,20

Patatas pont neuf     € 7,00



Eggplant heart, beet & lime     € 8,90

Burrata, dried tomato, basil pesto & Kalamata olive     € 9,40

Marinated salmon, chicken broth, black garlic aioli, trout caviar & salicornia    €10,80

Foie gras and smoked eel, black sesame, caramelized onion, tart apple & kabayaki sauce   €12,70

Cannelloni, traditional roast, foie & black truffle béchamel     € 9,90

Steak tartar “Premium”, mustard cream, cured quail egg & caper sauce (60gr.)     €10,90

Monkfish & tiger king prawns, with traditional Catalan stew “suquet” with potatoes      €18,00

Slow-cooked lamb, black beer & chocolate sauce, Greek yogurt with green curry & quinoa     €13,90

Crispy suckling pig, hoisin sauce & daikon, mango and tajin Mexican-style salad    €15,90

Beef tenderloin “Rubia gallega” (200gr.), sautéed mushrooms     €24,00

Cheese selection, farm products     €9,00

Acorn-fed Iberian ham, leg Cured for 24 Months (60gr.)     €20,00



Seafood Paella, traditional fisherman's recipe, cuttlefish, squid & red shrimp   €24,00

Without shell lobster, black spaghetti with white truffle butter    €32,00

Beef tenderloin “Rubia gallega” (200gr.), with sautéed mushrooms      €24,00



Toasted bread     € 1,90

Tomato bread “chapata” & extra virgin olive oil     € 3,50