Wine Cellar

Our vocation is to know the aromatic profiles of the wine to perceive the five flavors that it shares with the food and to be harmonize and balanced wine pairing.

More than 500 references chosen by D.O., prioritizing the native grape varieties recovered by local winemakers.

We can accommodate up to 12 people in the cellar

The pairing:

Think of the wine recipe as a whole that is aromatic.

Evaluate the structure of wine, alcohol and tannins.

Look at the geographical interaction between the ingredients of the recipe and the grape varieties.

Wine tasting & gastro experience:

Tastings from € 35/person

Personalized wine selection

Gastronomic selection: Red prawns with their reduction, Smoked eel, Foie gras bon bon, mullet, Slow-cooked lamb, crusty suckling pig, Chesse