Scallops & Iberian Pork belly confit, oyster sauce and crispy ham     €11,40  

Traditional spanish stew and red shrimp "Carabinero" Dim sum     € 9,30

Duck ravioli, foie cream and orange confit    €12,90

Salmon marinated in white miso, chicken broth and black garlic aioli    € 9,80 

Red tuna belly, veal sauce and omelette mousse     €14,90

Foie gras and smoked eel, black sesame seeds     €11,70

Cannelloni, traditional roast, foie and black truffle béchamel      € 8,90

Steak tartar “Premium beef fillet”, cured quail egg yolk and mustard cream (60gr.)      € 9,90

Cheese selection, farm products      €16,00

Essential Pyrenees charcuterie, selection of house-made cured meat      €12,00

Acorn-fed Iberian ham, leg Cured for 24 Months (60gr.)     €19,00

Sole fish low temperature treated, emulsion of thorns and toasted butter, basil and lemon gnocchi     €16,00

Monkfish with sauce and tiger king prawns “30 minutes”      €16,00

Slow-cooked lamb, black beer sauce, Greek yogurt with green curry and quinoa    €11,30

Crispy suckling pig, our hoisin sauce and daikon salad, mango and tajin Mexican-style    €15,20

Duck’s breast, apple, ginger and tender shoots      €10,50

Black Angus Nebraska “rib eye” (125gr.), whole piece, 250gr., €29     €14,50

Dry-Aged boneless rib eye (300gr.), whole piece, 600gr., €35     €17,50

Baby vegetables     € 9,00

Potatoes pont neuf     € 7,00


Seafood Paella, cuttlefish and red shrimp, “30 minutes”      €24,00

Lobster rice soup, “30 minutes” ½ ration € 16,00      €32,00


Optional pairing "tasting a wine for each dish"